Changes/Updates (12/1/00)

     I finally was able to acquire an electronic stethoscope, courtesy of Welch-Allyn. I am now in the process of recording more heart sounds for the web site, and will include these as they become available. You will be able to recognize sounds that were recorded with the new stethoscope, as I will put a Welch-Allyn logo in the lower right corner of that screen. 

     Also, I have had many e-mails from people regarding the non-working breath sounds. I think that I have finally fixed the problem, let me know if you still continue to have trouble. One reason it has taken so long is that for a while I was locked out of the web site by the UCLA server, and only just re-established access. Sorry for the wait!

Happy listening,


Changes/Updates (6/23/00)

     For those who have visited before, you will notice a major overhaul in the look and feel of the site. For the curious, the significant changes are listed below.

-Redesigned the site from the top down with a cleaner and more professional look. 

-Added navigation frames with a permanent tab header to help navigate to any desired portion of the site.

-Upgraded the sound and murmur qualities with a better cadence for the faster computers utilized today.

-Removal of advertising banners. The program with which I was associated was defunct, and they were annoying anyway. I will remain affiliated with as an associate, and a percentage of purchases that you make at via my link will help support this site for ongoing upgrades without increasing your purchase cost in any way. If you would like to support this site in this manner, the only link to the site is at the introduction page. Thanks!

-Addition of phonocardiographs to the murmurs sections to help students visualize the sounds they are hearing will be coming in the future!

-Minor revisions of text throughout to make the explanations clearer and more succinct.

-If you have comments about the new look of the site, or if you notice a navigation bug, let me know.


Thanks for visiting!